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21. Münchner Gefahrstofftage. Munich, 23th - 25th Nov. 2005
Congress for environmentalism, health protection and occupational safety with accompanying exhibition.
Die KOHS stellt auf den 21. Münchner Gefahrstofftagen aus.

KOHS presents solutions for visualizing hazardous substances at the 21. Münchner Gefahrstofftage.
KOHS PIMEX sets the stage for a modern management concept
technology, organization, human

The KOHS PIMEX system provides a basis for a structured management concept. PIMEX combines three fundamental factors:

- technology,
- organization,
- human,

that have to be taken into account for an expedient optimization of working conditions.

Quality assurance is considered as another facet of a comprehensive management and security concept.

1. Technical: workplace analysis
Technical: workplace analysis
From a technical view an all-embracing working system analysis can be performed on the basis of a PIMEX observation (measurement). Single peak loads can unambiguously be allocated to a particular activity or a specific situation.

Nowadays technology determines conditions of work to a great extent. In addition, technology has a significant effect on health at work and occupational safety.

The technology of the KOHS PIMEX system enables an all-embracing assessment of the frequently complex spectrum of exposure.

Are considerations from a technical perspective sufficient?
2. Organizational: process design
Organizational: process design

The KOHS PIMEX system offers structural support regarding examination and design of organizational aspects.

On the basis of a PIMEX observation an assessment of work sequences and their impact on health and productivity of workers can be performed.

Consequentially applying the PIMEX system in connection with daily prevention activities helps to establish a basis for a balanced safety and health management.

In the course of implementing an improvement strategy by means of PIMEX the following approaches have to be distinguished:

  • PIMEX intervention on location
  • PIMEX as part of an occupational health management

Effectiveness and efficiency of all parts of an integrated occupational safety and health management process (see illustration) are increased by application of the KOHS PIMEX system, some aspects are rendered possible in the first place.

3. Human: participation is key
Human: participation is key
The application of the PIMEX system reveals that employees contribute valuable suggestions concerning the improvement of labor situations. Consequently, they need to get opportunities to come forward with proposals.

By means of the PIMEX method employees are able to recognize coherences between their behavior and exposure levels.

Participation and involvement of employees in the analysis process increase their willingness to implement important measures.

Subsequent to a PIMEX observation the video isimmediately available for discussion with the concerned workers (e.g. analysis of peak loads that have arisen during a work sequence).
KOHS PIMEX as a basis for quality assurance
KOHS PIMEX as basis for quality assurance
Reliability of data is attached particular importance in the course of optimzing work sequences. The KOHS PIMEX system guarantees a high degree of data security and traceability.

By integrating the video the KOHS PIMEX system ensures the traceability of the allocation of measurement readings to specific working activities.

KOHS PIMEX can be seen as a fundamental building block of a comprehensive quality assurance strategy.
Management is a leadership task
Management is a leadership task
KOHS consideres management primarily as a leadership task. Safety and health management objectives should be supported by the management and present a part of a corporate philosophy.

Health at work in addition to personal responsibility of employees is significantly determined by corporate culture and management.

Due to the transformation of work environments health at work and as a consequence the competitiveness of a company more than ever depend on an all-embracing safety and health management.
(see also: Benefits by safety and health management - in German.)
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