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                  aktuelle Veranstaltungen mit PIMEX-Bezug

New kohs.PIMEX.monitor software release available (3.7)
recent improvements on the KOHS support platform
            kohs.PIMEX.monitor Software Release auf der KOHS-Support-Plattform

KOHS continuously informs you about important news on the support platform.

21. Münchner Gefahrstofftage. Munich, 23th - 25th Nov. 2005
Congress for environmentalism, health protection and occupational safety with accompanying exhibition.
Die KOHS stellt auf den 21. Münchner Gefahrstofftagen aus.

KOHS presents solutions for visualizing hazardous substances at the 21. Münchner Gefahrstofftage.
KOHS corporate philosophy

1. Dynamics of innovation:

Innovations evolve from the application of novel techniques and tools. A thorough observation of the practical application in turn provides a basis for expedient new developments.

KOHS utilizes this interdependency as a source for its internal dynamic development:

KOHS - dynamics of innovation

transforming visions in practical solutions.

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