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                  aktuelle Veranstaltungen mit PIMEX-Bezug

New kohs.PIMEX.monitor software release available (3.7)
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            kohs.PIMEX.monitor Software Release auf der KOHS-Support-Plattform

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21. Münchner Gefahrstofftage. Munich, 23th - 25th Nov. 2005
Congress for environmentalism, health protection and occupational safety with accompanying exhibition.
Die KOHS stellt auf den 21. Münchner Gefahrstofftagen aus.

KOHS presents solutions for visualizing hazardous substances at the 21. Münchner Gefahrstofftage.
The PIMEX principle
the PIMEX principle
PIMEX (also known as VEM - video exposure monitoring) is a method for making exposures at the workplace visible. An operational procedure is filmed by video camera, and simultaneously all exposures (such as dust, noise, thermal radiation, etc.) as well as medical information (such as heart rate, heart rate variability, body temperature, etc.) are collected via direct reading instruments. By displaying a working activity in relation to the measured expositions and the physiological data, interrelations between a certain work sequence and prevalent hazards as well as specific strains can easily be recognized and measures against harmful peak loads can be derived.

See the PIMEX platform for more details about the PIMEX method.
Procedure of a PIMEX observation
procedure of a PIMEX observation

Depending on the objective targets a PIMEX observation can be performed in different ways. The following elements are part of the PIMEX process at all events:

  • workplace analysis involving all persons concerned
  • joint solution finding
workplace analysis involving all persons concernd joint solution finding

Example: PIMEX intervention at VAEE (in German)
Measurement of loads
measurement of loads

With PIMEX exposures that emerge due to different sources can be measured and visualized at the same time. From chemical (dust, smoke, cooling lubricants), physical (noise, vibration) to ergonomic loads (climate factors, body postures, lighting). In addition, medical information (such as heart rate) can be measured and set in relation to other loads.

On the PIMEX platform you can expand and deepen your knowledge about "The new PIMEX system for investigation of work-related exposures" (in German).

PIMEX as a basis for management
PIMEX as a basis for management Efficient prevention is intrinsically tied to an integrated management nowadays. Trendsetting strategies such as workplace health promotion require of a huge amount of management tasks and a structured proceeding. PIMEX establishes a basis for an efficient occupational health management.
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