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21. Münchner Gefahrstofftage. Munich, 23th - 25th Nov. 2005
Congress for environmentalism, health protection and occupational safety with accompanying exhibition.
Die KOHS stellt auf den 21. Münchner Gefahrstofftagen aus.

KOHS presents solutions for visualizing hazardous substances at the 21. Münchner Gefahrstofftage.
Working system analysis
working system analysis
The design of the system composed of worker, work equipment, workplace, work environment and work flow is significantly influenced by the quality of the system analysis that necessarily contains a description of strains and exposure. By visualizing work sequences in a combination with real-time monitoring occupational hygienists have means to efficiently perform comprehensive working system analyses. Participation is a key concept in this connection since the involvement of at-risk workers improves the analysis process and smooths the way for establishing a successful safety and health management.

Techniques for exposure visualization such as the PIMEX (PIcture-Mix-EXposure) method, also known as VEM (Video Exposure Monitoring) provide the basis for participation of workers in the analysis process.

Involvement of workers improves the quality of a working system analysis. Participation results in direct feedback about the acquired data. Workers that take part in the analysis process prove to be an important factor in support of the knowledge transfer within an organization.

Acquisition and assessment
Accurate acquisition and interpretation of occupational exposure is determining for deriving measures for an optimal design of working environments.
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